Bernard Druskin
Bernard Druskin activity map
Partisan activity marked in yellow as indicated by Bernard Druskin
Bernard Druskin was born August 18th, 1921 in Vilna, Poland. The oldest brother of 3, he had two sisters named Rachel and Marilyn. His family was in the felt supply business. Following the Nazi occupation of Vilna, the Druskin family was sent to live in the Jewish ghetto.

Bernard became a Jewish partisan after escaping from the Jewish ghetto in 1940, which he did with the help of a compassionate Nazi soldier who showed him how and when to escape. After escaping the ghetto, Bernard lived with friendly farmers, chopping wood for them all day in exchange for his meals. Bernard found out later
Bernard Druskin    Photo 1
Bernard Druskin in Israel, 1946
that his family had been executed in retribution for his escaping. Bernard remembered, “I had no reason to live on”.

Bernard then joined the FPO, the United Partisan Organization, and procured a radio to listen to the BBC. Hiding in the forests of Belarussia’s Naroch Forest, he lived in a camouflaged zemlyanka, or underground bunker. Bernard worked under the Markov brigade and with Commander Jurgis, head of the Lithuanian Brigade. He spent his time sabotaging railroad lines, phone lines, and stealing food and supplies from the German army. Bernard and his
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