Ben Kamm
Ben Kamm activity map
Partisan activity marked in yellow as indicated by Ben Kamm
18-year-old Ben Kamm had a comfortable life surrounded by family and friends in Warsaw, Poland. In 1940, Ben and his family were relocated to the cramped quarters of the Jewish ghettos, where food was scarce. Ben used his blond hair and blue eyes to avoid suspicion outside of the ghetto and performed deliveries to smuggle in food. Smuggling food was punishable by death, but Ben wanted to defy the enemy and survive.

Ben convinced his friends to escape the ghetto and join a group of Partisans fighting the Nazis. They found the partisan commander Grzezor Korczynski, a former Polish officer,
Ben Kamm    Photo 1
Ben Kamm in Chelm, 1945
and under his command ambushed enemy policemen to obtain guns and a chance to battle the enemy.

Partisan life was dangerous and Ben witnessed the shooting of 5 partisan fighters. The violence did not deter Ben, but Ben returned to Warsaw to try and help his family. In the ghettos, he witnessed suffering and starvation and it was the last time he saw his family. Upon returning to Korczynski's brigade, they freed 1,000 Jews from a forced labor camp. A group of Jewish soldiers, who escaped a POW camp, tried to join the partisans but were killed by Korczynski because they did not hand over their valuables.
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