Eugenio Gentili Tedeschi
Eugenio Gentili Tedeschi activity map
Partisan activity indicated by Eugenio Gentili-Tedeschi
Eugenio Gentili-Tedeschi was born in Italy in 1916. While Eugenio came of age under Mussolini, he was exposed to antifascism at a young age, as his hometown of Turin was a hotbed of opposition. The war began to directly affect Eugenio in 1938, when Italy’s racial laws, based on the Nuremberg laws, were put into effect. His father lost his job, and while Eugenio’s family went into hiding, Eugenio traveled to Milan, where the bureaucracy was inefficient enough that he could sit for his university tests without harassment. After scoring top marks, Eugenio went to work as an architect’s apprentice in Milan, where he would stay for
Eugenio Gentili Tedeschi    Photo 1
Portrait of Eugenio Gentilli Tedeschi, date unkknown
several years.

In Milan, Eugenio and his friends tore down the antisemitic propaganda posted in the city, their first act of resistance in that city. Eugenio also began to act as a courier, carrying underground pamphlets from a communist print shop in Turin and carrying them to Milan.

Eugenio left Milan to escape the bombardment that followed the German invasion and took to the Valle d’Aosta countryside. He eventually connected with the partisans, living in the mountains and sketching scenes of his life in the
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