Shalom Yoran
Shalom Yoran activity map
Partisan activity marked in yellow as indicated by Shalom Yoran
Shalom Yoran was born in 1925 in Warsaw, Poland. When Shalom was 15 years old, his family fled eastwards, leaving the Nazi-occupied area of Poland for the Soviet side. A year later, though, the Germans invaded the Soviet Union, and the Yoran family found their new home, the village of Kurzeniec, occupied by the Nazis. Two years later, in 1942, the Nazis situated a Russian POW camp in Kurzeniec, where the prisoners were treated brutally. Shalom first learned about the partisans through rumors told to him by escaped Soviet POWs . The day before Yom Kippur, 1942, the order was given to liquidate the Kurzeniec ghetto.
Shalom Yoran    Photo 1
Shalom Yoran as a young man.
Shalom was given an early warning, but his family wasn't as lucky. Hiding in a barn, Shalom listened as the entire remaining population of the ghetto, totaling 1,052 people, were murdered. He spent the frigid winter of 1942 in the forest near the river Sang, where, along with his brother and three friends, he built a zemlyanka for shelter and lived off mostly a large store of food they stole and begged from local farmers. In the spring of 1943 Shalom located a partisan unit. But because neither he nor his group had weapons they were not allowed to join—a common practice among the partisans.
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