The Resources section makes available an extensive list including books, films, websites and articles related to the Jewish partisans.

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Find out who the partisans were and how they fought the Nazis. Go to the Films section to view the film that compliments this study guide.

Not a study guide at all, but a document for communities wanting to acknowledge the intenet of Holoucast Rememberacne Day as it was started in Israel, in 1951. Includes a brief history and reading.

Learn how the partisans fought hunger and survived the harsh winter cold. How did they survive? Go to the Films section to view the film that compliments this study guide.

Learn how a determined Ben helped initially free 600 Jews from a Nazi work camp. Go to the Films section to view the film that compliments this study guide.

Find out how a woman partisan earns one of the Soviet Unions highest honors. Go to the Films section to view the film that compliments this study guide.

Meet Frank, a determined fighter who escaped the ghettos and valiantly fought against his oppressors. Go to the Films section to view the film that compliments this study guide.

Many Jews suffered from antisemtism in the partisans, even though they were fighting a common enemy. Read this study guide to learn about the role antisemitism played in and out of the partisan units and how it differed from region to region.