Planting dynamite on railway tracks.
Source: Yivo Institute for Jewish Research, USHMM
HOW did the Partisans Accomplish Their Goals?

The partisans fought and survived by forming organized groups. Compared to the Nazis, they had few arms and little ammunition but were successful because they knew the lay of the land and how to use the terrain to their own advantage. One partisan remembered that, "In the forest, ten partisans seemed like a hundred to those on the outside." The Nazis didn't know what it was like inside the forests and swamps.
The partisans lived there under harsh conditions-without real shelter to protect them from sub-freezing temperatures and storms in the winter, or from the heat and rain in other seasons. Medical supplies were scarce, and partisans died from infection and disease spread by lice. Bandages were washed and reused whenever possible.

Most successful partisan activities took place at night, under camouflage of the dark and with the help of the local population. Without the locals who gave them food and information, the non-Jewish partisans would never have made it through the war. Jewish groups had an even tougher time, because in some areas there was vicious antisemitism even among the locals, and so sometimes the Jews had to use force to get supplies and information from them. The partisans begged, borrowed, bribed and stole whatever they needed and did whatever they had to do in order to survive and fight against the Nazis.
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